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4 Common Luggage Problems You Need to Know About

By September 19, 2017Uncategorised

You know what really sucks? Low quality luggage.

We’ve all experienced it at some point in our life.

There’s one thing you need to know

Baggage handlers will not treat your luggage with the love and respect it deserves. In a world where fragile stickers are simply a challenge to them, it is a given that your luggage will be tossed in its journey.

Sadly, this is the mark of death for cheap luggage.

If you are in the market for a new set of luggage, there are several common problems you will want to be aware of before you make a big purchase.

  1. Broken Wheels

Wouldn’t it be great if luggage wheels lasted forever?

Well they don’t because very few things can survive being thrown over and over. Even the best luggage will break eventually.

Luggage wheels are often the first thing to break because of how vulnerable they are to the harassment they face at an airport.

Some luggage wheels are detachable and can be replaced. If this is the case for you, go for it.

If you are ready to move on – check out a Trochi luggage. We’ve worked hard to design a better wheel that is capable of surviving even the most frenzies baggage handlers.

Always shop for quality. A high-quality luggage will survive longer than its cheaper counterpart.

Think of it like this

Would you rather buy one $300 luggage that lasts for years, or replace a $100 luggage yearly? The answer is pretty obvious.

  1. Broken Handles

We wish that luggage handles would last forever, but they usually don’t.

Most companies cheap out on the hardware, resulting in a flimsy handle that breaks after a few luggage tosses.

There isn’t much you can do to avoid this other than taking extra steps to try and protect your handle after you check it in.

A common solution to this problem is to wrap your luggage in plastic to tightly lock all of its components into place.

Here’s what we suggest.

Just buy a better luggage in the first place. The last place you should be shopping for luggage is on AliExpress or a thrift store. Sure, you may get it for cheap, but cheap breaks and will cost you more in the long run.

  1. Cracked Shell

Hard shell luggage is one of the most popular options today because of how well it protects your valuables.

But so many people make this mistake.

They automatically assume that all hard shells are created equally.

This is not the case.

In fact, some companies cheap out on the plastic so badly that they often crack after a single use.

If you own a cracked hard shell, don’t bother trying to repair it. Cracked hard shell luggage lacks integrity and any repairs you make are only temporary. You don’t want your luggage to break during transit, that would be terrible. It’s always better to buy a new one

We love hard shell luggage here at Trochi, but we want you to be aware of what a cheap one looks and sounds like.

When shopping for a hard shell, tap the plastic and make sure that it isn’t completely hollow underneath. You want it to feel durable and to absorb the sound of your tapping.

  1. Shoddy Zippers

Have you ever tried to pull a zipper only to have it split open or get stuck?

It’s pretty frustrating, right?

Some luggage companies go all-out on durability, but make the mistake of using cheap zippers. Never buy a piece of luggage that has known zipper problems.

A shoddy zipper can rip open, spilling the contents of your luggage. Luggage with low quality zippers are also a lot easier to steal from.

This was a problem that we encountered time and time again.

Luggage needs to be designed with the user in mind. We get it, you want to jam that last piece of clothing in before leaving.

So, here’s what we did

We created a durable, double-layered zipper that comes standard on a Trochi. This zipper can be tugged, pulled, and pushed. It’s a tough one and it will survive whatever you can throw at it (within reason). Let’s be real, it wouldn’t survive a chainsaw or something equally destructive.

Oh yea, one more thing

Our zipper is theft proof too.


The double-layer system makes it difficult to penetrate. Sharp objects aren’t able to penetrate through it, keeping your valuables safe and out of the hands of the wrong people.

Combine that with our TSA-approved lock and you have one safe piece of luggage.

Knowing is half the battle

We want you to find the best luggage possible for your travels.

Here at Trochi, we built the luggage that we want to travel with. Who wants to worry about broken wheels, handles, cracked hard shells, and low-quality zippers? We didn’t.

Your luggage is supposed to be a tool that makes your travel easier – not a problem. Let’s make travel better, one flight at a time.

Safe travels,



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